About Us

The company was founded in 1977, born from another company with the name Henrique Vieira & Filhos, Branco & Cª , S. A. is today considered to be a company that was able to achieve the success and is very well implemented in the Portuguese market.
Established since the beginning of its activity, and over all these years, good relationships with their suppliers, managing to take so paths where the success has triumphed.
It is with great pride that thanks to our quality products of which we are exclusive representatives we are able to become what we are today, a renowned company in the sectors of Agriculture, Forest and Garden.
The concern with our clients from early on, dominated the administrators and employees, and it is with this principle that we live every day, and that we try to keep always present in our organization. Year after year there is concern we are well updated with all the news from the market so as to keep our customers satisfied.

Uma luta diária, um trabalho de equipa,
sempre para satisfazer os nossos clientes!