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Sobre Nos

The company was founded in 1977, she was born from another company with the name of Henrique Vieira & Filhos

White & amp; Co. s. a. is now considered to be a company that has achieved success and is very well implemented in the market.

He established from the very beginning of its activity, and over the course of many years, a good relationship with our suppliers, managing to take just for the paths to which the success of pollution.
It is with great pride that, as a result of our quality products which we are sole agents we are able to make us who we are today, a company that is renowned in the fields of Agricultural, Forest, and Garden.

The concern of our customers, from early on, his managers and employees, and it is on this principle that we live on a daily basis, and we try to keep in mind in the us. Year after year, there is a concern that we would be up to date with all the latest news from the market so as to keep our customers happy.